Benny Blanco joins ChickenAndy’s RV8

Benny Blanco joins ChickenAndy’s RV8

RV8 gets Pittsburgh, PA and Benny Blanco pulls up ready to go. Ayyyooooo!!!!!

They checked Benny’s birth certificate because he does not have an ID. He is 21, so it’s cool dood. Hope you enjoy the trip with RV8 and stay safe dood.

Benny and Chicken smoke a cig right away to chat it up and make sure he is ready for the trip. He pulled up with a Dollar General plastic baggie with his stuff in it so we are good. Benny took an uber to get to RV8 and he had Glock Boi help him with some money to get to there. Blade already roasted him about life savings dood, Chicken was wondering why Benny couldn’t take a bus to get on RV8 earlier, but that was because he needed to save up. Ayo.

Benny Blanco meets up with ChickenAndy, TridentIRL, ONLYUSEmeBLADE, Saint10, ToneIRL, CAM (the real legend of RV8) on 6/13/2023 live stream. Blade says he is not gonna make it….. How kind of u dood.

Ayo Benny let’s get some sub hype.

I just found your YouTube Channel and hit the sub button. Let’s get that 1k Subscriber celebration. Almost at 600. Let’s go!!!

Benny joined RV8 when they got to Pittsburgh, PA on 6/13/2023.

Here is Benny’s live stream chat a few days earlier on 6/11. Shout out to gsxrJOE92 – u are always in the chat dood. The chat be lit sometimes. Chat always wins. Also, star dood in the chat – yeah that happened too, it was quite a sketchy incident on RV8 with the grattata.

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