KingCobraJFS gives a hoyyah for Puffers ayo!!!

KingCobraJFS gives a hoyyah for Puffers ayo!!!

Cobes gives a hoyyah for Puff AKA Puffers, his bearded dragon.

Bearded dragon hype!!!



Eff the trolls dood. Cheers to the King!!!

BTW I love your couch dood it looks super comfy. Comfy couch chair boglim hype!!! If I recall correctly, Cobes said a dog passed away on that couch, or it was an old dog that passed away and that was the dog’s favorite couch.

Shout out to the Cobra craft wands etsy store. Support your local Casper, Wyoming Cobra today dood.

Currently, as of the 6/16/2023 there are no wands for sale. I am looking to scoop a wand dood. Will you let us know when they are available?

Shout out to Puff dood.

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