TridentIRL gets lit on RV8 and chats it up with ONLYUSEmeBLADE

TridentIRL gets lit on RV8 and chats it up with ONLYUSEmeBLADE

Trident get’s litty on ciroc for one of the first times since he joined RV8. Trident chills with Blade after a day of IRL streaming in Washington D.C. hype.

Blade gives a life update and talks to the chat about everything while the edibles kick in. I will do a separate vLog reel for the ONLYUSEmeBLADE life recap story, more detailed history of IP2, and timeline of the RVs leaving up to RV8. The edibles definitely kicked in for this story time live stream, and it was great.

Trident gets some milk before nap time. I hope that was some hole milk dood.

Late night RV8 repairs hype.

Script to change Trident’s donation alert sound hype….. ayo.

Live stream recording 6/18/2023.

The video is almost 2 hours. I didn’t want to skip anything. The vLog reel timestamps are below.

TridentIRL hype video with Blade:

  • @12 minutes – Trident meets Ice Poseidon while live streaming story.
  • @15 minutes – Trident meets ICE Poseidon live stream clip.
  • @30 minutes – Trident explains weed tea story, ordering weeds from the dark web hype. Blade says he didn’t buy pounds calls him out on the price, roasts him, and says it did not happen. Trident says it happened in minecraft. Cool hype!!!
  • @42 minutes – Trident grabs some food that Blade is eating and roasts Trident again.
  • @50 minutes – crypto chat and Blade explains why cash is not efficient. Get my change and now I’m jingling hype!!!
  • @54 minutes – Trident takes a selfie and starts getting litty.
  • @1 hour 1 minute – ChickenAndy asks Trident to watch out because the table is going to fall down again….. RV8 repairs begin soon after. Trident goes to bed on the floor hype.
  • @1 hour 10 minutes – Blade explains TTS media hype, donation alert sounds, and asks that Trident can change his donation alert sound. “Legalize snukeleear boomabas” dood is not cool dood. Blade says he wants to help him. AYYYOOOOO!!!!! Blade asks chat what the new alert sound should be.
  • @1 hour 57 minutes – ChickenAndy and Blade help Trident get to bed. Muh hole milk.
  • @2 hours 25 minutes – troll donation and media on Trident’s channel occurs. ChickenAndy says no more 24 hour cams anymore.

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