ToneIRL mimics Saint seething at chat and RV8 meets Craig

ToneIRL mimics Saint seething at chat and RV8 meets Craig


So many great moments in this live stream from 6/13/2023, Tone IRL HYPE AYYYOOOOO!!!!!

vLog reel timestamps:

  • @0 minutes – Tone mimics Saint seething to his chat.
  • @6 minutes – Tone, Blade, and Saint hop out of RV8 real quick.
  • @7 minutes – Tone meets Blade’s friend the stream sniper Craig. Ayo.
  • @8 minutes – TTS donation claims Saint is the walking definition of fetal alcohol syndrome. Saint confirms.
  • @10 minutes 30 seconds – Tone says “yo there is an old dude out there that watches us”.
  • @11 minutes – RV8 slider certified hype. Ayo.
  • @12 minutes – Tone just the tip hype.
  • @13 minutes – Saint premature baby story resumes. Saint confirms.
  • @21 minutes – Craig enters RV8 hype.
  • @23 minutes – Sharp toofd tittay poppa makes an offer over TTS.
  • @23 minutes 45 seconds – Blade asks Craig where it’s at hype. Shout out to Craig dood.
  • @24 minutes to end of vLog – Tone’s epic filming skills. Absolute magic.

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