lil plant dood deleted live stream 8/19/2023

lil plant dood deleted live stream 8/19/2023

This is what happens when you give people nice things, and they mess around… it ruins it for every JUAN. The channel commands got taken over, and I wonder who was behind it….

joshpec and friends think they trolled on me so I would have to delete the vod. I still have it. Nice try bud, yer banned, and the channel commands text at the bottom of the screen caught u dood.

Here it is for yall to see. If it stayed on kick it would have just been there til kick deletes it two weeks later, instead I have reuploaded here. Maybe kick would be okay with the titty milking video but I feel like this is a better spot for it anyways. This is not to you toobz, this is a website ran by a pigeon, and a pigeon posted your deleted vod that you thought you made me delete off kick. If you want it gone from this site, please contact the JUANTHEPIGEON via the contact form and we can discuss removal if you are the content owner. AYO!!!!!

Live stream vLog 8/19/2023.

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  1. Can i get an explanation on why I got banned? Waa gonna leave it be since if i get banned i get banned i dont do the alt shit but it was just weird how I see /ban lonetardigrade from juan which didnt even know was you when im just hanging with the chat and poof im gone. Only reason i can think of is me making a comment about the !pez command so what im not supposed to bring up other people’s alts? How could I have known if there isnt a set rule list to follow 😂

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