JJ and Ac7ionMan visit streamer house with 21k peak viewers on Kick AYooooo!!!!!

JJ and Ac7ionMan visit streamer house with 21k peak viewers on Kick AYooooo!!!!!

JJ has the best attitude as a live streamer and is the official camera man for Ac7ionMan confirmed.

JJ visits a streamer house… shout out to i pee too… JJ is an absolute legend.

JJ took over the show several times throughout the night. The power of JJ is unreal. JJ you are amazing.

Here is the highlight reel and recap for the night. JJ HYPE!!!

The video is over 40 minutes long and I don’t want to break it up or clip the video because JJ is so amazing. The whole place fell silent quite a few times to the point where all cameras were focused on him.

Recap clips from the reel:

Intro – JJ enters the streamer house and passes thru security bag checkpoint. Initial press situation, confirmed.
0:30 – Ac7ionMan gets pressed by secutity.
0:55 – JJ meets the people and the doggo. AYo. I think its Heel Mike and this dood in a pink shirt idk. JJ wants to stay sober tonight.
3:00 – school shmoter joke wtf ok dood i dont know who u r btw. Don’t make fun of JJ. The comments are beneath JJ so he surpassed the attempt for confrontation. “Thank you for sharing”, JJ replies.
4:13 – JJ was born 25 years ago confirmed.
4:27 – more jokes trying to press JJ continues…
4:59 – JJ has a cell phone and this dood has probably a 3 to 5 thousand doller holler camera setup wtf. JJ cam wins.
6:11 – JJ meets dood in the outfit. AYo.
9:40 – JJ says “maybe there is a cork around here…” we just need to open the wine bottle. Search begins…
11:40 – JJ refuses a hug, “please excuse me”…
17:33 – JJ vacuums and does some house cleaning. Ac7ionMan says “put that shit down foo”. AYo.
22:55 – JJ says hello to the dood with fake teeth lookin veneers, idk who he is. JJ does not understand. JJ gets pressed, but it does not compute.
36:17 – JJ describes how he ate tartar with dill and rosemary today. JJ is a chef confirmed. AYo.
44:07 – JJ offers his jacket to pink shirt dood. AYo.


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