GOODBYE HORSES Miraculously Plays on CaptainNontent’s RV with Strokeoff

GOODBYE HORSES Miraculously Plays on CaptainNontent’s RV with Strokeoff

Strokeoff enjoys GOODBYE HORSES

The majestic sounds of GOODBYE HORSES rings throughout the RV of CapainNontent.

This is the second time the donation media is played. The first time around we didn’t see it live. The ai.robots were alerted to the situation and we saw this wonderful event take place.

Thank you to every wan who made this all possible. Special shout out to Anonymous for the killer donation, Strokeoff for the killer dance moves and tuck scene revisited, and Captain Nontent for the awesome RV set up.

Strokeoff[YouTube] wit the dance moves.

Furthermore, the first time the song played, the media donation went off while Strokeoff was eating some type of fruit chips, I’m not sure what, but it seemed like freeze-dried foods that were probably not rich in flavor, yet still somewhat crispy. The timing was impeccable. Strokeoff captured the glorious moment and the real essence of the event was confirmed when he stood up on the couch and the light was shining over his naked body. The video reel above unfortunately skips over this first time the song is heard. So for this video, Strokeoff remains properly clothed.

More info about Q Lazzarus and Goodbye Horses. It is such an amazing and majestic song.

Type WAn in the comment section if you want the og video reel for your archives. I mean, I would have to really search for it to find the clip… but I can try to find it for ya. AYo.

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