TheYoungCheeto and Sneaker Chop Visit OG GEEZER!!!

TheYoungCheeto and Sneaker Chop Visit OG GEEZER!!!

Welcome to Geezah’s command center!!!

OG Geezer Vegas Compound | 2023.10.22 Live Stream

Recap reel hype, covering the whole night.

Cheeto and Chop basically stopped by to take a nap, didn’t take a shower although it was offered several times, didn’t eat any food, enjoyed nap time on the couch, and then took off in the middle of the night while Geezer was resting. Geezer joins bwo’s podcast to recap that he is a celebrity. Geezer is hurt that Cheeto and Chop left without saying goodbye. LIFE ON DA LINE!!!

HEREBY CONTAINS WAn hour and 18 minutes of Young Cheeto, Sneaker Chop, and OG Geezer.

Yes, that’s right… over WAn hour vLog RECAP REEL!!!

Here is the recap for the night:

INTRO – 2min: OG Geezer finds Cheeto and Chop, and Good Mood Dave official intro.

2min: Geezer goes outside wit it and gets some cardio work locating Cheeto and Chop.



7min: Hospitality Geezer…..

15min: Drinks hype…..

16min: “LIFE On DA LINE!!!” “Dey needa rest, homie” … “we’re gonna do a song together, me n Chop r gonna make songs together” AYo.

21min: Geezer driving to the store wit it.

24min: Young Cheeto x Sneaker Chop x OG Geezer aka The Majestic Lion park the car and go IRL wit it for a few minutes, and cause a scene. AYYYOOOOOO!!!!!

26min: Quick mart hype.

29min: Subway hype. WANNNNNNN!!! BRRR!!!!!

35min: OG Geezer is LA RAZA btw.

37min: Aldy 1k shout out.

39min: Drive home.

44min: nontent hours begin. LIFE ONDA LINE, CHAT!!!

54min: $250++ for nontent night. Cheeto and Chop are takin a nap on the couch. Something like an hour later….. nontent continues. Geezer is bashing on the keyboard.

1hr8min: Geezer pulls up to Blackout’s panel for the hype recap and heelmike story about giving him a black eye. He will be chumming over the story for the next couple of years btw. Script exposed at 1hr17min timestamp. AYo.

Shout out to Good Mood Dave, Dood.

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