Blade Live Stream 2023.10.26 Recap Reel

Blade Live Stream 2023.10.26 Recap Reel

When sober Blade strikes every wan’s you toob channel, we collaborate.


Billabong Matt gets copywrite striked by bryan risso.

Shout out to Billabong Matt on YouTube…..


In a nutshell, Billabong Matt is a clipper channel, mostly posting clips of Blade. Now that Blade is searching for places to stay, he got declined somewhere because of his videos on YouTube so now he is targeting everyone. Let’s see, if the story is true Blade, wasn’t Billabong the first person who you spoke to and said call the ambulance for Willy…. Seeing how Billabong asked Blade to call for help immediately, you would think he would consider him a good friend – instead there is a copyright strike being targeted to anyone who might have supported him in the past. Making clips is supporting you, dood. Figure it out. Clippers are making a highlight reel for your story, so if you don’t like it, don’t post your story live on the internet for everyone to watch and record it. Once something is on the internet it can’t be taken back….. so act right. Now the new name for Blade is Smug Blade. Smug Blade hype!!!!! AYooooo!!!

Shout out to Billabong Matt, I don’t have your new Fruitcake channel, but that’s a great story. Blade called you a fruitcake so you made a new backup channel…. You can also post your clips here, every wan is safe. We are all wan hype!


All Blade clips are welcome on – you can reach out via the contact form or email with your clips and they won’t be taken down or get any copyright strikes here.

Let’s gooooo!!!!!

Blade recap reel hype….. Nearly a 4 hour live stream clipped to just under 30 minutes. AYo.

OUMB2 Live Stream 2023.10.27 Recap Reel

The most notable event of the live stream is when Blade goes to Sonic drive thru and Blade spills a drink in the lac and then cleans it up.

Source VOD from OUMB2 channel 2023.10.26 live stream.

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