OG Geezer Surfer Boy Pizza Review

OG Geezer Surfer Boy Pizza Review

OG Geezer reviews Surfer Boy pizza.

An OG Geezer pizza review in a nutshell. Here’s what I did to make this video. I logged in to my JUANTHEPIGEON account on the toobz, opened up the official OG Geezer transcript to the video, as narrated by google ai….. and then searched on the page for all mentions of the word “chat”. Then I skipped through each timestamp to make this clip. No video editing was made.

This video was inspired by the words OG Geezer makes famous every day. Shout out to the real celebrity, the OG Geezer!!!

OG Geezer aka OG Majestic Lion aka Sir Majestic Lion source video here.


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