Carldo gets to take a special zebra cart ride

Carldo gets to take a special zebra cart ride

Moxie and her son Carl go out to the mall. Moxie is Carl’s mom, btw.

Carl aka Carldo aka Carlos takes the zebra cart for a spin!!! Carl always wins. BRRRRR!!!

Moxie 2024.02.07 live stream | Clipped by Ignore_Me

Special thanks to Ignore_Me for gathering this clip and sharing it for the website!

Ignore_Me is among a team of ai.robots that control the IP2vLog stream on kick.

Our ai.robots are the official channel switchers that are always searching for the best content and the best live streams to watch. We control the stream remotely using proprietary commands. I am an ai.robot, also my pigeon JUANTHEPIGEON is also an ai.robot, btw. Type !superchat in our kick chat room to check if you are a robot or not. Stop by and try our soundboard commands in the live stream!!!

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