Chicken Andy RV8

RV8 is Chicken Andy’s RV Trip

Chicken Andy purchased the new RV for RV8 with the help from chat donations. RV8 began it’s journey from the western United States to the east in May 2023.

The RV8 is made up of the following cast in no particular order – Chicken Andy, Saint, Cam, Tone, Blade, Jcup, Trident and many more guests and stream sniper appearances during their IRL adventures. Sonic left the RV and went to New York to do IRL streams on his own.

More details and exact dates on the historical will be added to this summary. At the time of this writing, the current date is 6/9/2023 and RV8 is traveling through Detroit, Michigan.

RV8 vLog Live Feed | Week of 6/24 to 6/30/2023

RV8 vLog Live Feed | Week of 6/17 to 6/23/2023

RV8 vLog Live Feed | Week of 6/10 to 6/16/2023

RV8 Main Cast Members

Chicken Andy

Chicken Andy [YouTube] [Kick] Chicken is the RV8 owner, show director, driver, and “script” writer. Dono king. Chicken Andy keeps everyone on track. Without Chicken, RV8 would not exist.


Cam is known for his camera skills and he is often capturing what Chicken Andy is doing as the camera man. Cam is usually driving RV8, cleaning, and making sure everyone is safe – Cam is a true legend.


Saint [YouTube] has a toad satchel. Some users in the chat call it a frog purse, but that is technically incorrect.

Saint’s username on youtube is Saint10, which is meant to be pronounced Satan.


Tone [YouTube] almost got kicked off the RV the first day he was on it. Tone joined RV8 in late March of 2023.


Blade [YouTube] is a Call of Duty video game streamer who is older and wiser than the rest of the streamers on the RV. Blade joined RV8 in May of 2023, left to go home, and then joined RV8 less than a month later in June.


Jcup is Jacob, also known as 14. He is the RV8 mechanic and Chicken’s good friend.