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Sadly, the RV8 reached its tragic end on the side of the highway when a car collided into the back of it. ChickenAndy was underneath the RV when it was hit and miraculously everyone was okay including the driver of the car. Trident was live streaming in RV8 when suddenly it seemed as though it was driving on the rumble strip on the side of the highway, and then the RV came to a stop. Chicken and Trident got out of the RV first, and then everyone immediately rushed outside when the RV was hit.

RIP RV8 6/22/2023.

RV8 was en route to see BigChungus in Boston, MA. This brings the live story of RV8 full circle because BigChungus is not only one of the top supporters and moderators for the streams, Chungus also donated $1,000 toward the new RV when RV 7.7 failed *need to have this 1k donation fact-checked/confirmed. Please contact us to provide information and any further details on this.

Shout out to BigChungus. There is a chance sometimes there are fake donations that happen on some live streams, kind of like when wrestling was WWF, my childhood friends and I thought everything in wrestling was real. The chat now knows that BigChungus is real, he was on the live streams when they made it to Boston. Everyone met BigChungus. BigChungus is one of the top donators. The first TTS donation I saw on Blade’s live stream was from Chungus. Big Big Chungus hype AYYYOOOOO!!!!!


Boston, MA


New York City, NY


RV8 gets hit by a car on the way to the northeast. Luckily, everyone is okay.


Washington, D.C.


Baltimore, MD


Pittsburgh, PA


Detroit, MI


Cleveland, OH