RV8 vLog Live Feed | Week of 6/10 to 6/16/2023

Saturday 6.17.2023

11:43PM EST Update

I was supposed to make a post for this week yesterday. Whoopsie doodles. Next week I’ll post the latest feed updates at the bottom of the post. That should work better for the order to read the post. Ayo.

Spit on floor hype.

Chiggen gimme muh money dood.

11:43PM EST Update

Blade calls the non-emergency police line to get Chicken’s missing wallet back.

The police have it at the station but Blade insists they mail it to them because they are traveling.

Blade says “so here’s the thing dood, we’re traveling, we’re awesome, finger it out”, tells the cop he loves him, and says I’m lit dood. Blade gets hung up on. Whoopsie doodles.

The police are not authorized to mail anything, he must come to the station and sign for it according to the conversation.

Fake Fomney continues dood. Finger it out. Ayo.

Spit a lil bit. Persons.

Spit on floor hype continues…..

5:45PM EST Update

Cleaning RV8 with muh hat hype.


The music is the vibe dood.

Spilled water hype.

Almost spilled that water on the newports dood.

5:35PM EST Update

Fresh haircut hype!!!

4:13PM EST Update

Water hype!!!

1:37AM EST 6/27/2023 Update

….. a wild stream sniper appears.

Blade promptly asks for a ride to go get cigs n booze. Sniper approves. Ayo.

3:41PM EST Update

Cam checking in on Tone. Cam says wake up to take a shower or go to the back room and sleep some more if you need to dood.

Shout out to Cam. Ayo. Cam is the real MVP.

Mornin’ Tone…..

Cam cleaning hype.

Mornin’ Chicken.

Find muh wallet today hype.

3:17PM EST Update

Mornin’ RV8. Mornin Blade.

Muh fast charger hype.

Anker gang hype.

Baltimore. MD hype!!!

Tone is still sleeping in the background and it’s past 3 o’clock dood.


This is Blade’s favorite spot on RV8 dood.

2:51AM EST Update

Chicken didn’t get much sleep last night, so he is just taking a nap dood…..

1:57AM EST Update

Endele….. persons…..

Blade puts his diaper on hype.

1:53AM EST Update

Peak ONLYUSEmeBLADE performance. Ayo.

Snackerdoodles a lil bit.

LMNOP persons. Ayo.

1:43AM EST Update

Blade is pressing CAM for no reason. Cam is not phased because Cam is a legend. Cam is the real MVP of RV8 dood. Ayyyooooo!!!

Tone checks out his favorite piece of hair. Fake Fomney confirmed. Litty script confirmed. Cam won’t get mad confirmed.

LowFrequency hype dood!!!!! WHATS.UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP?!?!?

1:11AM EST Update

Wash muh face off hype.

1:03AM EST Update

Ayo Blade….. lookin great dood.

Blade smokin a cig inside is not cool dood. Ayo.

Blade exits the building hype.

12:53AM EST Update


12:27AM EST Update

Trident smooches for the chat. Ayo.


Ayo Trident. Not cool dood. Ayo.

11:53PM EST Update

Not cool dood. Ayo.

Not cool dood. Ayo.

Not cool dood. Ayo.

Not cool dood. Ayo.

Not cool dood. Ayo.

Not cool dood. Ayo.

Saturday 6.17.2023

….. Chicken Halloween costume confirmed. Ayo.

Trident reacts when TTS says they will donate $180 if he paints his whole face black. Chicken reminisces about how he was a coal miner for Halloween one year. Not cool dood. Ayo.

Face paint on your tongue a lil bit hype. Ayo.

Trident. Dood. Not cool dood. Ayo.

RV8 is outside wit it and Chicken is trying to touch up the face painting for Blade hype. Ayo.

Friday 6.16.2023

11:53PM EST Update

….. Hey Cam, can we get a vacuum for RV8 dood?

Paint my face a lil bit hype. Ayo.

Lookin great dood. Ayo.

Face painting hype. Ayo.

Ayo Blade let them paint your face a lil bit. Finger it out dood. Ayo.

We are live wit it dood. Ayo.

Blade hype. Ayo.

Hair on your shoulder finger it out dood. Ayo.

TTS on Blade’s stream hype dood. Ayo.

Blade fresh haircut hype. Ayo.

Happy Tone. Ayo.

Tone found a lil bit of hair left to buzz dood.

Blade gets a haircut dood. Ayo.


MTV shirt and finger it out dood. Muh Milwaukee hype. Ayo.

Trident and ChickenAndy hype. Ayo.

Tone wit the bunny hoodie. Ayo.

Jager bombs fryar shales hype. Ayo.

12:57AM EST Update

I edited a vLog recap reel from last night.

The evening starts off with Benny puking a lil bit and then Saint dancing around in it like it’s a rain puddle.

12:03AM EST Update

Diaper reset hype. Cam the real MVP is back at it with Tone on this one.

Gotta have that pack of diapers ready for Blade. Ayo.

Thanks Bec for letting us know….. Lucky for chat, Blade is not home now so he might lmnop a lil bit. I pee too dood.

Thursday 6.15.2023

11:05PM EST Update

Just getting some rest. Finally moved to the bed. Blade fingered it out. Persons.

Ayo Saint I am glad you are still here especially after what happened last night. Do you really need to sit like that how is it comfortable with your legs crossed like that dood. Cross muh legs a lil bit hype.

11:05PM EST Update

Tone just poured water on Blade and woke him up.

Spit on the floor hype. Ayo.

Spit a sip of water on the floor hype.

10:37PM EST Update

Ayyyooooo lmnop update. Tone makes sure that Blade has a diaper for pee protection.

10:29PM EST Update

Tone woke up and stepped around Blade to get by real quick…..

10:23PM EST Update

Blade is taking a nap while RV8. Hope you rest it off and wake up feeling better dood….. ayo.

9:51PM EST Update

Wow….. a lot happened last night. I am kind of shocked but not surprised in what went down. Chicken deleted the vod so I have to get together the clips I have while it is not recording on my main computer. I can’t get to the files while it is recording, and RV8 is having another litty night in PA so I can’t get to the files yet. Not sure if I have everything, but we’ll see. A stream sniper named Q made an epic appearance and somehow got along with Chicken while pressing him about occasional things like how a TTS donation was scammed because the bluetooth speaker was not on. Eventually, the attention turned to Saint and Q who had an argument and got into a scuffle. Then Saint and Chicken got into a scuffle because Chicken was egging him on and kept asking to get hit in the face. Everything got real when the cops came and luckily everyone made it through the night and nobody got arrested. Tone and Saint were hiding in the back of RV8 and when the cop entered to search he pulled a gun for his protection while they came out. Chicken still does not have RV8 registered, due to buying it in a different state than his residence and then being on the road – apparently he has 90 days to get it sorted after the time of purchase. Benny went home. I am not sure if RV8 was the best place for Benny, so I hope you fingered it out a lil bit and learned a lil bit about streaming while you were here. Shout out to Benny. Love you Benny. Love you RV8. Please no more fighting dood. Not cool dood. Ayo.

Shot time hype.

RV8 going IRL tonight hype. So far it just looks like chilling on RV8 tonight hype.

Blade and Chicken cheers while Blade is singing his favorite word…..

….. and they just left without Blade. Blade was too litty to go out tonight.

Better than u dood!!!

2:11AM EST Update

ChickenAndy MTV shirt hype.

ChickenAndy wears black clothes hype.

12:41AM EST Update

The stream sniper was a lil bit questionable, I don’t want to mention his name but I hope you are doing well dood. If you need anything, call Dave. Ayo.

Glad you and Chicken could laugh off the TTS. Amish country tie dye shirt hype. Ayyyooooo!!!!!

The I pee too discord groups and forums might not be the best place for you, hope you can find a creative outlet or more constructive hobby to fill your time than making threats if the TTS was true. Grattata boi seems to know what’s up. Shout out to keeping RV8 safe. Good vibes only hype.

TieDyeShirt Andy stream sniper gets sketched out and leaves RV8 after TTS donation.

Wednesday 6.14.2023

12:41AM EST Update

Chicken puppet hype….. RV8 traveling across PA right now.

7:17PM EST Update

Saint10 IG handle update. Follow Saint on Instagram ayyyooooo.

Nice view hype.

Tuesday 6.13.2023

11:03PM EST Update

Saint brushing his sales for pre fire teeth hype….. Ayo chat, remember to brush your teeth regularly or your teeth will go missing all of a sudden.

9:36PM EST Update

WATER THOOOSSSEEEEEE!!! Just playin yo cool shoes dood 2.2k hype ayyyooooo SAINT!!! Doc Martins hype!!!

9:15PM EST Update

Titos bottle hype.

Saint says it’s a safety bottle. Safety bottle of Jager hype!!!

Chicken repairs the table on RV8. Muh tools hype.

7:18PM EST Update

The slide out slides in. RV8 Style dood.

[GIF] Click on the image to load the gif animation ayyyooooooo.

5:35PM EST Update

Saint hype. Saint is telling someone in the chat to scram!!!

5:17PM EST Update

Muh Milwaukee fixing RV8 hype.

4:35PM EST Update

RV8 squad fixing the table hype. Ayo.

3:21PM EST Update

Saint back update vLog reel hype.

Saint says what up to IP2 vLog.

I am not always typing in the chat but this is the first time Saint said what up since I created this website. Saint always says what up. TWU. Appreciate u dood.

There are more videos of Saint I need to make vLog reels for. I’ve been recording for awhile, so I have vods from before the grand signing / tagging event of RV7.7 before it was gone. It is all a blur but I guess that is around the time Saint joined….. RV8 hype we go!!!

My name is Tech. I am experimenting with the video cuts going back and forth between cameras in this vLog reel. I hope you like it dood.

2:55PM EST Update

Saint’s back update. Saint 2k sub hype.

2:53PM EST Update

Another vLog reel of the situation from last night. Tone saw it coming. Ayo.

2:39PM EST Update

2Dollar Andy just hopped on RV8 ayyyooooo!!!

The Key hype.

2:10PM EST Update

Just for u dood.

2:09PM EST Update

Mornin’ Trident. Ayo.

2:06PM EST Update

Mornin’ Chicken. Mornin’ Tone. Ayo….. Stay safe ya’ll. Love u dood.

2:03PM EST Update

What happened last night dood?

2:01PM EST Update

Mornin’ Blade. Just had to adjust the broken table a lil bit there. I like your shirt dood.

Blade is asking about the sniper dude, the army guy he said, hahaha…..

1:43PM EST Update

RV8 is lookin great chat…..

Y’all crazy in chat with this topic. Here is a better picture for you. ayo.

1:19PM EST Update

Tone’s camera view did not look too promising from the incident….. Here is the moment when RV8 was not safe. Put the grattata away please. Not cool dood. This was all caused by Blade acting like a mushcake. Mushcake wet brain hype is not cool either dood. Ayo.

11:23AM EST Update

Blade x Taz vLog recap reel from last night hype.

BarFight Andy AKA Taz lives up to his name, almost has to max out Blade on behalf of his brother. Blade tried to press BarFight Andy’s brother for some Lit Romney hype but it did not go according to plan. Hey Blade, don’t do that dood…..

Tone with two phones hype.

Blade tries to shake his hand and then collapses when he realized he crossed the line. AYO!!!

3:59AM EST Update

Tone hops in a drive-thru window and then breaks the table on RV8 hype.

Tone vLog recap reel

2:39AM EST Update

Saint 2k thumb tacks vLog hype!!! Cheers to 5k next. Ayo!!!

Saint seems to like this a little bit too much….. Saint just rolled around in the thumb tacks. I hope this is everything you hoped and dreamed for dood. Love you Saint.

1:15AM EST Update

Saint 2k celebration hype. The thumb tacks are on the floor and Saint is about to do it. I am not looking forward to this….. Saint, stay safe dood.

12:21AM EST Update

Chicken let’s Taz AKA BarFight Andy know he almost served. Thank you Taz for your service. Appreciate all the veterans in the chat dood. I pee too hype.

12:21AM EST Update

BarFight Andy Pulls up to RV8. BarFight Andy’s name is Taz. New friend of RV8 hype!!!

12:03AM EST Update

RV8 meets BarFight Andy…. ONLYUSEmeBLADE silently asks let me get a lighter dood. Definitely just a random non-viewer stream sniper.


Monday 6.12.2023

11:55PM EST Update

Saint 2k Sub hype script explained. Blade confirms….. Get Blade lit and he will do it.

10:47PM EST Update

Saint 2k YouTube Subscribers hype vLog ayo!!! Congrats Saint!!!

Chicken and the rest of RV8 out looking for CYRAX…..

A warning notice about CYRAX…..

I wouldn’t touch that dood…..

6:11AM EST Update

Chicken demands Blade to make content.

5:23AM EST Update

Blade disrespects Chicken by talking about his girlfriend.

2:25AM EST Update

Ayo Blade, finger it out and respect Chicken a lil bit dood.

2:25AM EST Update

Blade is streaming. Willy2Guns hype ayo.

Sunday 6.11.2023

9:03PM EST Update

Chicken is lil mad….. muh mechanic’s car needs repairs. It’s all good dood. JCup will keep driving it. Stay safe y’all.

8:57PM EST Update

Saint with the snake skin arm sleeve tattoo hype!!!

6:19PM EST Update

Muh Milwaukee’s best & muh hole milk ayyyooooo.

5:29PM EST Update

Blade is up. Blade has a shirt on. 59FIFTY hype. Blade is still lit on the edibles and it is raining outside dood.

5:13PM EST Update

Chicken, Blade, and Saint take a shot for Sunday fire sales hype ayyyooooo!!!

Someone in Kick chat trying to dox so it is blurred out. Don’t dox. Not cool dood.

3:27PM EST Update

Blade speaks!!! Blade gets a shout out for eating 2,500mg of edibles last night. Blade is still litty af dood…..

Saint I will take 3k mg edibles with you. Let’s go for it. The ONLYUSEmeBLADE edibles challenge.

3:00PM EST Update

Mornin’ RV8 and chat. Ayyyooooo.

5:17AM EST Update

5:17AM EST Update

Tone be lookin for things again….. can’t find his weeds.

Blade is taking a nap. He had too many gummy edibles dood…..

5:07AM EST Update

Yes, John B – it sure is…..

4:31AM EST Update

Traffic Cone Andy falls into Chicken Andy attempting to stand while RV8 was moving.

[GIF] Click on the image to load the gif animation ayyyooooooo.

4:20AM EST Update

Chicken almost hop out RV8, please don’t do that Chicken. Stay safe. Love you dood.

3:53AM EST Update

[GIF] Click on the image to load the gif animation ayyyooooooo.

3:22AM EST Update

Cops tell RV8 to scram!!! No longer welcome at the planet fitness parking lot…..

2:47AM EST Update

RV bong hype!!!

2:40AM EST Update

Chicken smells Blade’s armpit. Blade needs sleep. Blade ate too many gummies.

12:57AM EST Update

Why is Saint holding us….. yes, the chat is an infant.

12:47AM EST Update

It’s Chicken!!!

12:39AM EST Update

Amy the stream sniper appears.

Amy immediately slapped Blade.

Saint is having a meltdown right now, according to him, he is a little frazzled. Traffic Cone Andy stream sniper ordered an Uber and wanted 6 people to fit into it like a can of sardines. Ayo!!!

12:27AM EST Update

Bec just told Blade to finger it out dood.

12:13AM EST Update

Hi Clint Saunders, TWU. Blade should not say that word so much about other persons.

12:13AM EST Update

We are just waiting for the Uber and chillin with Traffic Cone Andy dood.

12:09AM EST Update

The number of hoyyas are coming in nicely tonight dood. Ayo.

Saturday 6.10.2023

11:57PM EST Update

The chat wants Blade to take another triple. Shouting at random strangers is cool dood.

9:52PM EST Update

Blade’s Newport cig box hype. A gift from Saint.

9:52PM EST Update

Blade meeting new friends in Detroit, MI hype. Shout out to @bandmadee, new friend of Blade.

9:10PM EST Update

Jager with a splash of red bull hype!!!

8:37PM EST Update

Jager shots and toad satchel hype!!

8:32PM EST Update

Tone’s fit lookin fresh. Flip flops n socks n talkin to the cops.

8:26PM EST Update

Blade is live in Detroit for an IRL stream and says what up to IP2vLog with a hoyyah. SALUTE BLADE!!! It’s a hoyyah not an ayo tho dood finger it out dood.

8:02PM EST Update

Trident got a haircut.

7:03PM EST Update

Workout Andy’s first live stream. Ayooooooo!!!

4:20PM EST Update

RV8 trolls on Sonic’s oughhh sound. Tone makes a funny.

3:47PM EST Update

Toad satchel hype!!!

3:35PM EST Update

3:07PM EST Update

Cam is cleaning. Faygo drinks are on the table.

2:40PM EST Update

Boyd AKA Workout Andy is here.

The RV looks great dood.