RV8 vLog Live Feed | Week of 6/24 to 6/30/2023

Monday 6.27.2023


Quick recap…..

  • Trident went home.
  • Tone is still in Boston and will be on his way home soon.
  • A stream sniper named Salty Cactus met up with the squad, and is currently driving his truck with Chicken, Cam, and Blade back towards Arizona.
  • RIP RV8. RV8 is now left behind at the junkyard.

On the road again…….

Muh solar panels hype ayyyooooo!!!!!

We’ll miss you RV8….. Ayo.

Just got to check muh last compartment dood. Cam, come film this…..

Cam filming Chicken, checking muh compartments…..

Cam….. Come film me with Muh Milwaukee.

TTS donation from BigChungus says RV8 did not even last for three months.

Goodbye RV8.

Ratchet strap down muh pee mattresses. Chicken with the I’ll return the mattresses to Ikea script begins…..

……. ENDELE!!!

A stack of wet lmnop mattresses strapped on top of Salty Cactus’s truck, the self-proclaimed RV9. Salty Cactus said it, not me! Ayo!!! If Chicken can find the receipt he still wants to try to remove the stains with bleach so he can return them, according to the return mattress at Ikea script. Sounds like a plan dood.

….. Best believe it’s a 15 hunnerd dood. Shout out to Salty Cactus with the truck hype. Ayo.