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[IGNORE_ME NOTES ℗ Billy John Live Stream]
Smelly Dick
Andy Dick is temporarily residing with the streamer Billy John. Billy John is making edibles in the kitchen. He sits at the dining table with Andy Dick. “You need to take a shower. You smelling crazy like piss. Booze and piss,” says Billy. “I smell mostly of Booze!” Andy says, defending himself. “And a little bit of piss,” Billy John adds.

[IGNORE_ME Notes ℗ Bjorn Live Stream]
Bjorn travels to England – This is day 1.  Bjorn has travelled from Copenhagen, Denmark to London.  We join Bjorn as he waits inside London Heathrow airport.  He intends to visit Land’s End but Bjorn soon learns no trains will be available today due to strike action by Network Rail staff.  Instead, he will have to endure a 7-hour bus drive.  “Why they strike?” he exclaims. “They are stupid! They are lefties!”.

Bjorn turns his attention to a fellow passenger who is also in the same predicament.  The train strike had left the passenger with no other option but to spend the night in the airport’s waiting area.  Bjorn explains he is travelling by bus to Plymouth.  The fellow passenger is horrified by this and says buses are dangerous.  He shares a story of a bus driver who had been texting at 135 mph and had overturned a bus, killing someone.  Bjorns turns his head to the camera and winces.

Bjorn leaves the waiting area to locate his bus.  The stream ends abruptly.  Will Bjorn arrive safely in Plymouth?

[IGNORE_ME Notes ℗ Stoney1337 Live Stream]
Stoney isn’t constipated, he’s just tired.
I enter Stoney’s stream just as it’s ending.  He’s been streaming for 3 hours now.  I scan the previous minutes of his drunken soliloquy and Stoney announces, “ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be right back. I’m gonna take a shit.”  A few moments pass and the grunting and moaning stops.  Stoney emerges from the bathroom stumbling over items strewn across his basement dwelling.  He collapses onto the couch and falls asleep.  Stream ends.

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