10.5.2023 thru 10.7.2023 NOTES OF WAN

  • All screenshots on this post are captured live or shortly after, and then posted here!
  • We report news on all the happenings from our kick streams.
  • Tune in to IP2vLog on Kick where we r live streaming all day, erry day. WE R ALL WAN!!!!!
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IP2 BREAKING NEWS REPORT -- FREE PROMO HYPE. Tech has a small p p confirmed. LISSEN LISSEN!!! | 10.7.2023


We are live streaming at Kick.com/ip2vlog

10.7.2023 3:05PM EST UPDATE:

Lil plant dood went live last night. Return of the plant stream. Free promo for Tech and we r all wan at ip2vlog on kick hype. Let’s gooooo!!!!!

More updates coming soon. For now, Here is the sound byte for today’s breaking news update.

10.6.2023: 2:41PM EST UPDATE:

Breaking news report has been published for today, covering the latest updates on the correspondence via text with lil plant dood.

10.6.2023 12:57PM EST UPDATE:

I have decided to continue updating this post since I did not get the opportunity to add Ignore’s notes of WAN to the article yesterday. I was busy!

We will continue with this post and likely will keep updating this throughout the weekend, and then possibly start a new post again on Monday, and return back to weekly posts schedule like I was writing for Chicken Andy’s RV8 posts.

Shout out to Ignore_Me!!! AYo.


10.5.2023 EBZ’s recommended hair care products

EBZ has revealed the secrets to his long, healthy and bouncy head of hair.  To maintain his  waves he uses a cream that retains the moisture within his hair and an oil that infuses essential nutrients into the hair follicles to ensure a thicker, fuller, healthier curl.

10.5.2023 OG Geezer aka Sir Majestic Lion – Geezer is living his best life.

Geezer begins (and ends) his stream with a nap.

10.5.2023 Bjorn’s Vacation to England Day 2 – Bjorn has arrived in Plymouth.

Bjorn stands outside a 15th century building. He is admiring its stonework. 

“They made it out of wocks from da cliff from zee mountainz.”

He turns to the stream and asks, “Why do you have to put your tongue out when you speak English? I hate it. We don’t have that in my country.” 

Bjorn walks around the building and finds an entrance labelled, ‘RESURGAM’ above the door.  He enters and is amazed the building is a church.

Bjorn goes inside and sanitises his hands. He gasps in awe at the beauty of the church interior, “Dis iz a real medieval castle!” He says he will pray to God.

Bjorn walks around towards the church’s shop.  The shop clerk announces the shop will be closing since there will be no one else to run it.  Chat encourages him to take over the shop and run it. This is his calling, they announce.

Stumbling upon a pile of non-fiction books, one draws his attention.  Bjorn traces his finger along the words: ‘HE THOUGHT HE WAS DONE SAVING THE WORLD.  HE WAS WRONG.’ He then points to the mysterious, solitary figure on the front cover. 

Bjorn asks about the history of the church and learns a new word, “Resurgam”.

“Oh my God! Look at all these old paintings! Holy shit!  Maybe I shouldn’t curse in the church, I’m sorry.”

He points to a stained-glass window.  “Resurgam, Resurgam,” Bjorn whispers, “I will rise again.”

He leaves the church and notices another across the street.  “I just come out of one church and I see another church.  I can’t believe it!  There are churches all over da place!”

He enters a bar next to the church.  Stream ends.

The stream starts once again almost an hour later.

“Skaal!” Bjorn raises a pint of beer to the stream.  “Type 1 in da chat if you are alive.  Stop complaining and donate.”

Bjorns asks Chat why Blade hates him so much because he had leaked Bjorn’s phone number on his stream last night.

Bjorn changes the subject to more relevant issues.  “I just took a big shit, a big dump. I was afraid I was going to clog their toilet. I had a full English breakfast this morning.”

Bjorn leaves the bar to get some bottled beers from the Co-op store within the town. He confides in Chat that he is extremely drunk.

Bjorn then meets Josie outside the store. She is a 3-year old rat.  Josie greets Bjorn and Chat on the shoulder of a man. “Do you want a beer?” Bjorn asks the man. “Yes,” the man replies. He shows Bjorn a bottle of beer. “You can get two for £5,” he tells Bjorn.  Bjorn agrees to this.  One beer for the man and the other for the rat.

Bjorn now sits alone on a bench.  He tells Chat he is leaving Plymouth now to go to Penzance. He was disappointed he never got the chance to visit Dartmoor. He plans to visit Torquay in Cornwall and London. Then he will fly back to Denmark.

Bjorn will be donating his suitcase the morning of his departure to Denmark.

On his way to the train station, Bjorn learns he cannot say “Hello mate!” to people he doesn’t know.  “Oh no! I have been doing that already!”  he exclaims.  Chat explains that the more appropriate greeting is “show feet”.

Bjorn practices the word “Thank you”, the English way.

Bjorn prays in a church built in the 12th century.

Bjorn admires the church’s stonework. RESURGAM – translates to ’I will rise again’ in Latin.

Bjorn enters a bar next to the church.

Bjorn meets Josie, a 3-year old rat.

10:43AM EST UPDATE: Tech has a message for lil plant dood in today’s breaking news update.

Last night, we received an apology message from lil plant dood, and in response I asked this persons to kindly fuk off wit that half-assed apology and to let the chat know. Tell chat. Tell chat and not me, dood.

Lissen lissen, you did not embarrass me, you did not offend me, what you did is you couldn’t get my name out ya mouth for weeks during your live streams. You talked poorly about me and my character and even went to the extent so specifically say I was trying to remote desktop into your computer and cell phone for some cruel intentions. Meanwhile I was trying to help you. So, you didn’t say any of this to me directly, you said it to your audience on live stream, those r ur viewers dood, you said it to everyone watching.

Do not apologize to me. Apologize to the chat. Don’t cry to me and try playing victim andy like it’s gonna save you and I’ll feel bad. You are a pathetic weasel if you can’t apologize to everyone then it means nothing. We are all WAN, WE R WAN. CHAT WAN. CHAT ALWAYS WAANNNSSSS. BRRR. CHAT GETS THE WAN. DA EARLY WAN GETS THE WORM YO. AYo.