October 10.8 thru 10.14.2023 Weekly Notes of WAN

3:01PM EST 2023/10/16 Note of WAN: Ketchup post for the notes!!! We were busy taking clips all week, for week 2 of October we captured over 140 clips!!! Here is the page with all clips. Drop a comment on the clips page here to let us know your favorite clip of the week and we will make a highlight reel for it!

Shout out to JJ for holding it down at the streamer house or whatever you call it btw. Here is the highlight reel for JJ. My favorite part is when JJ uses the vacuum. Cleaning the house hype!!! AYo!!!!!

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Cheers Andy

Andy Dick cheerfully interacts with the Chat.   He is looking better than the previous days. We saw him drink nearly half a bottle of vodka in a single serving.  Today, Andy sips a clear liquid from a cup whilst Billy John prepares some food for him to eat. 

Where is Blown Chances?

A glimpse of where Chance is.

Uh oh ….. Chance you okay dood?

Chance is living his best life right now minus his phone.  His Galaxy S23 cannot be found.  Chat thinks his phone may be located at the store he just visited.  Others believe the homeless man he was with last has taken it.  Chance tries to reassure Chat through slurred speech, “no one set me up. I’m living it up right now. I’m living it.  You guys are so opposed about me being on ‘shrooms, I’m in-tuned, so in tune.”  Let us tune in to Chance’s stream to ensure he arrives home safely.

OG Geezer’s DELETED grocery shopping stream.

Geezer has deleted his shopping stream.  The online celebrity’s live streams are usually taken down by YouTube for violating their policies agreed by the streamers themselves.  Yet Geezer has deleted this stream himself.

Items on the shopping list:

  • Brown Sugar or syrup
  • Peppercorns
  • Eggs
  • Lox
  • Cream Cheese
  • Select pizza on sale
  • Yeast

3:41AM EST 2023/10/13 Note of WAN: I am here posting notes of Ignore_Me. I just want to mention last night JJ was an awesome representative for IP2 visiting the streamer house with Ac7ionman. AYo. While JJ was there he vacuumed crumbs, introduced himself to everyone and most politely and eloquently refused a hug from a persons. AYo JJ shout out to JJ you did awesome dood we got a bunch of clips of it. Everyone was clipping. JJ was the star of the show and at some moments the whole place fell silent and all attention and cameras were focused on JJ. People were literally speechless. Even the dog stopped barking. With all the streams together, someone said the number from Eddie was 21k viewers. I dont follow thos other stweemers tho, just JJ. JJ is awesome, dood. It was best when Ac7ionman couldn’t keep it together he was laughing too much at the awkwardness but there isn’t even a word for it. The accusations towards JJ and his response to the slander was priceless. Some wan on the forums said JJ will be streaming to 50k viewers next year, let’s goooooo!!!!!!!


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DJ Goodtimes is Available for Hire.

Goodtimes is usually joined by a variety of guests on his podcast but have you wondered what songs he plays on there? 

Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant.

Lemme Sober up Dood

What up Stoney, Chat asks, any chance we could hear some prank calls?  “Sure,” he says. “But I need 10 minutes to sober up first.”

3:19PM EST 2023/10/11 Note of WAN: The pigeon has successfully picked up notes of Ignore_Me, and we now have the contonts!!! AYo. Shout out to Ignore_Me for the notes! Pigeons cant rite so well dood so it is great that we r all wan and we can make it all happen. AYo.

Notes of Ignore_Me ℗ Ignore_Me ℗ Notes

Pretty Andy’s funny rant.

Pretty Andy suggests IP2 should organize a wrestling match, one hick against another, she says.  For this month, she hopes to do a  handcuff stream and something spooky related.

Pretty Andy passes a vehicle and is immediately impressed.  “This guy is doing laundry,” she says. “How cool. You can do laundry anywhere guys. There is no excuse to wear the same outfit for a couple of days in a row. You know who I’m talking about: Streamers.”

Pretty Andy hopes to hand out flyers to help Baked Alaska make better food choices.  She wants the public to avoid giving him fast foods in favor of healthier options.

Pretty Andy Makes a New Friend.

Pretty Andy meets a new friend and buys him lunch.  She discovers later he has boofed meth shards before.  “It burns,” he said.  They sit down to have lunch together.  Pretty Andy asks him for advice on what she could do with her homies later that day. She thought about macing.  “Hell yeah,” he said, “and record it.”

The Slow Decline of Andy Dick.

On today’s live stream, Billy John focuses the camera solely on Andy Dick.  Andy is looking increasingly frail and lethargic.  His slurred speech needs to be articulated by Billy John for chat to understand.  Andy is only able to stay awake for short periods before collapsing on his makeshift bed on the floor of Billy John’s apartment.

Billy John shows Chat how much vodka Andy has drunk so far.  He has drunk almost half  “You need to leave some for tomorrow,” Billy warns Andy.

Andy Dick lies down on a deflated air mattress underneath a table.

NJ Courts at the International Balloon Festival.

NJ Courts takes a break from bringing us the latest custodial updates of our favorite streamers to enjoy the view from the International Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Can you spot the cow-shaped balloon below?