The Current State of IP2 – February 2024

This is the third issue of the current state of IP2. For previous articles, check out the main page for more info here!

2024.02.22 | February 26th, 2024


Ketchup post!!!!! Recap for nearly a week of live streams!!! Starting with the current state of IP2.

1:25PM EST Update

Shakomako just handed off the live stream to a complete stranger. He wants to be like SteveWillDoIt on the live stream, he said.

….. Now time for the ketchup post!!!!!

02.21 | Ac7ionman, JJ, and Mando go on an adventure, stream title, “HOMELESS HOUSE PARTY – RECRUITING HOMELESS PEOPLE TO PARTY WITH JJ AND MANDO CLICK NOW”. Click now!!!

Shout out to Mando, W security, and he got to take a shower before the event. Street Network Security is most effective when they are a few steps behind.

02.20 | Garydavid carrying the chat around and virtual Nick White is in the background. Apple vision pro hype.

02.20 | The other side of the Loulz streamer couch, ft. streamer TV!!!

02.20 | CRAZYTAWN at da salon!!!

02.18 | Vitaly arrives at the border wall….. CROAGBOYS TRIP TO THE BORDER ANDALE!!!!!

CROAG selfie at the border. Be Proud. Be Vitaly.

02.18 | scam pepper thinking of what is the next move after the rizz-a-thon. Cristravels is not sure.

02.18 | AC7 no days off brrrrr…..

02.17 | Sauce le what and what juice?!? This is what happens with ice and Captain Gee on a car ride.

02.17 | Ultra rare john_delta screenshot….. brought to you by Stoic and Mando, live on the side cameras.

OG Geezer frozen pizza reviews continue…..

02.17 | Shako got stream sniped by ijSmokes, when Shako asked him to leave and he refused, she asked for 100 gift subs to hang out.

2024.02.16 | February 16th, 2024

9:56PM EST Update

AdinRoss hosting Kick boxing. Boneclinks zoomed out version.

9:45PM EST Update

Boneclinks is live. Firesales hype, stream title – FRIDAY FIRESALES $20 BEER CHUG LETS GO.

2024.02.15 | February 15th, 2024

4:47PM EST Update

So real, some might say it’s a green screen…..


2024.02.12 | February 12th, 2024

8:29PM EST Update

Bennymack is conducting interviews at the bar.

This dood says, “Only the penguin can get it up in sub-zero temperatures, so I’m emulating my dating life after the penguin”. BRRRRR!!!

Screenshots from last night. Trident went live and got litty again litty again. Captures by Ignore_Me!!!

2024.02.11 | February 11th, 2024

8:11PM EST Update

Watching the Superbowl with OUMB2 hype.

7:47PM EST Update


7:21PM EST Update

Sonic performs a cartwheel for the tinder pics, in front of his bicycle.


If a pigeon might add….. it’s a women’s bike.

7:01PM EST Update

OneSonic is taking pictures for the tinder profile, OUGH!!!

3:03PM EST Update


Real bakedalaska in the chat.

2:43PM EST Update

Mando shows his recent donations on powerchat. Haters gonna hate!!!

2:21PM EST Update

CONTONT ALERT!!! It’s Superbowl Sunday, CHAT!!!

024.02.10 | February 10th, 2024

7:47PM EST Update

The ice fear factor stream is well underway, CHAT!!!

Selective lack of documentation here, just a screenshot of the host ice and co-host Ac7ionman for now.

From a bird’s eye view, just looks like another torture stream….. ice seems to be enjoying it.

1:03AM EST Update

It’s MC Frosty, dood.

Earlier in the stream…..

2024.02.09 | February 9th, 2024

11:54PM EST Update

The fear factor crew just got into the bar. Turn up!!!

Cobes on the side camera, stream title “Ended my Dry Spell TWU”.



6:25PM EST Update


4:34PM EST Update

Baked just went live….. AY BAKED….. Let’s gooo!!!!!


10:23AM EST Update

Waking up with Sus hype.

Screenshots by Ignore_Me!!!

1:35AM EST Update


Screenshots by Ignore_Me.

Forgot wan!!!

Kellogg is delivering the content right now repairing the RV.

1:21AM EST Update

It’s i pee too dood. Content overload dood…..

Granted, it is past 1AM, so Stoney’s condition is only natural at this time.

Furthermore, you can donate to Saint directly at ko-fi dot com.


2024.02.08 | February 8th, 2024


“We do have a kick deal from Eddie coming in”, he says.

2024.02.07 | February 7th, 2024

1:57PM EST Update

Carl and Moxie are currently at the apple store testing the Apple Vision Pro with a vr demo.

Ketchup post!!!!! Here are some screenshots from the past few days.

JJ update, JJ went live from the arts & crafts room aka the command center.

ice fear factor update.

TheRealMoisesB gaming update.

SJCP supreme update.

Ac7 stake update.

Boneclinks firesales stream!!!

Carl and Moxie hype!!!

2024.02.03 | February 3rd, 2024

9:31PM EST Update

OG Geezer interview hype.

8:51PM EST Update

Carl got his p p ran over by a skateboard. Real.

6:59PM EST Update


5:15PM EST Update


5:07PM EST Update

Back up a lil bit there, Boneclinks. There are 142 people in chat sharing this meal.

4:55 PM EST Update

OneSonic is not showing up on the list right now, OUGH!!!!!

4:51PM EST Update

CROAG LIFE. Gotta rest up, EBZ. Recharge, and refresh.

2024.02.02 | February 2nd, 2024

11:45PM EST Update

This person with Geezer has “people that do transcribing” of the live streams and then he reviews it, btw.


“I call them my feedback groups”….. “I live in a university town, I’m connected with the students.” he says. Asks for volunteers and sometimes he pays for these feedback groups.

Something about this person is sketchy, many things actually. The pigeon confirms. Something Grape Juice might have uncovered on the phone with this person. Matt, Natt, whoever this is. A production company or something. In hindsight, this will all make sense.

2024.02.01 | February 1st, 2024

11:42PM EST Update

Computer updates, mind you.

11:25PM EST Update


11:15PM EST Update


10:23PM EST Update

EBZ pondering life….. granted. We’re live.

9:11PM EST Update

EBZ ate a whole chocolate bar of magic. A magic mushrooms chocolate bar, mind you.

CHAT says the bar contained 4g’s. CHAT says that it’s his first time.

This is gonna be a wild ride…..

8:15PM EST Update

Xena is grocery shopping.

Sunset with CRAZYTAWN hype.

7:10PM EST Update

Danger alert!!! ice is with is with Natalie Reynolds firing off explosives.

5:57PM EST Update

First screenshot of February 2024 representing THE CHAAYYYAATTTTTTT!!!!!

Uncle Teddy making the real sound request for DOJA GATOOOOO!!!

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