The Current State of IP2 – June 2024

IP2vLog Featured Clips – June 2024

JUNE 2024

06.23 UPDATE at 1:42AM EST

Nick and EBZ look like they are on the way to Ram Ranch. CROAG LIFE!

06.22 UPDATE at 12:59AM EST

The forum stays on point with it!

mr leech was taking in subscriptions all day to stream with OG Geezer, and then the OG was waiting on his front stoop and he was too afraid to step outside.

Screenshot from this post on the forum.

mr leech blames Carl.


In this clip, mr leech blames Carl for respecting The OG.

Highly Intelligent Debate Between Two Gentleman | Clipped by ThatsSketchy



06.22 UPDATE at 12:18AM EST

OG Geezer, Carldo, Waxiest, MilkyGamba, Kimber Lee, and ZaddyZavid went to mr leech’s apartment but he went into hiding inside. The Yeti aka OG Geezer did not meet mr leech or get an apartment tour.

OG Geezer got nervous while waiting on the stoop and had to break free from the crowd.


OG Geezer live stream. This is art.

06.21 UPDATE at 9:34PM EST

Carldo makes the announcement that OG GEEZER IS COMING TO BLEECKER STREET!!!

OG Geezer is coming to the stoop at mr leech’s apartment confirmed.

Also in this video, mr leech can’t use the phone and has to ask Carl to adjust the screen brightness. They turned it up to sun fuckery mode.

06.21 UPDATE at 8:19PM EST

Carldo does a live performance in Washington Square Park. Carl’s act is cut short when the microphone is taken from him.

lmao | Clipped by sledroo

Carl got the mic back for karaoke!

Carl is with Kimber Lee and they spot the Wizard Man in Washington Square Park!!!

There was a similar situation to this that happened last year with The Wizard Man.

This was during the time when mr leech first started live streaming and we were in contact with each other, during the summer of 2023. He called Dave’s phone. I will not speak to mr leech anymore and I will not mention his name. Check out mr leech and The Wizard Man first encounter on live stream in the video below, and The Wizard Man confrontation recap video here.

Tech aka Tech Big Sun Energy archive clip hype!!! This video was published 2023/07/01 when the Wizard Man was first spotted, and it is almost a year later that mr leech and Carl get the same hand to the camera waving them away.

What’s your favorite steamer doing right now??? Let’s GOOOOO!!!!!

Leveling up in real life. BRRRRR

06.21 UPDATE at 7:12PM EST

OneSonic just received a $400 donation to shave his head, so he did it.

Shout out to the chat making the content!

Mega donation hype!!!

I just found this random clip of a real life subway surfer on Benny’s clip page. WHAT DA!?!?!

Check out this video of someone on top of the subway train that Benny saw when he first got to New York. This scene looks like it is straight out of a video game!

Subway Surfer | Clipped by QuantFreedom

06.21 UPDATE at 3:37PM EST

Yeti is checking in on mr leech and the sun fucker is attempting to work on the pay me to see OG Geezer script.

See the latest chat message below for a response on mr leech aka lil plant dood. For more sound bytes check out the Soundboard page!!!

06.21 UPDATE at 3:04PM EST

ZaddyZavid basement cleaning continues. That’s naasty!!!

06.21 UPDATE at 2:36PM EST

Some type of wet floor and moldy wall situation is currently going on. Benny is making an assessment on the situation.

Benny and Sonic are also considering the leaky toilet fix. Do you think it is just a leaky wax wing, or something else going on here CHAYYAHTTT!?!?

Sonic confirms that everything needed to be washed, even his shoes and the gowilla hat!!!

06.21 UPDATE at 2:28PM EST

OG GEEZER is live in New York doing pizza reviews by the slice!!!

Sonic was doing some room cleaning earlier. He was mopping his bedroom floor and air mattress to clean off the puke from it. This is the mop that Zaddy just said he used to clean around the leaky toilet, mind you. Granted, there might be some soapy water somewhere.

06.21 UPDATE at 3:05AM EST

Every wan must know…..

How OneSonic got the Gorilla Hat aka THE GOWILLA HAT.

NYC IRL W/ Benny Mack, SJC | 2$ TTS $5 MEDIA | IRL Stream Streak Day 99

Live stream 2024/06/06 – unedited vLog archive clip.

Sonic became very attached to this hat. Benny mentioned today that Sonic hasn’t taken the hat off since he found it. So much lore that JUANTHEPIGEON made me go back to share this wan!!!

06.21 UPDATE at 12:11AM EST




Check out this post for another video recap from today. Naaaht niiiiice!!!

LORE ALERT – OG Geezer aka Yeti Speaks on OneSonic’s Streaming Career // BennyMack, Sonic, and Yeti Agree mr leech is Not Safe!!!

06.20 UPDATE at 11:26PM EST

A lil bit of NYC local street network beautification going on and ZaddyZavid filmed it.

Zaddy called the cops, Zaddy wont back down. This is happening now!!! AW HELL NAW!!!

Moments earlier ZaddyZavid was casually walking down the sidewalk. Then he spotted this.

ZaddyZavid before the altercation.

06.20 UPDATE at 11:15PM EST


When the Yeti gets saucy the Zaddy’s get Zazzy…..



Clipped by Ignore_Me during the live stream!

06.20 UPDATE at 9:36PM EST

mr leech is with JOSH BLOCK WORLD OF T-SHIRTS aka THE KING OF NEW YORK and they are just chillin drinking twisted teas. Frank is hurt confirmed. MR LEECH HURT FRANK!!! JUSTICE FOR FRANK SINATRA!!!

JUANTHEPIGEON aka Tech aka BSE certified hype reel two clip combo! scuse me… um, excuse me!!!

Yeti has arrived in NEW YORK!!!!!


06.20 UPDATE at 12:11AM EST

Woke up to this. Saint got maxxed out after he got maced.

Punched in the eye and maced in wan night. Damn, Saint!!!

Screenshots captured by Ignore_Me. BRRRRR

OUCH!!! This content is definitely not Good Mood Dave approved, btw.

Saint gets maxed out by Bleks (Full video) | Posted by Sizzorfite

Shout out to Sizzorfite on Rumble!

Check out the Papa Greeny video recap of last night here!

Tone and Saint F*ght in Hotel Room, Content Spray Deployed ‪@ToneLive‬ ‪@sainttenn‬

mr leech is a creep confirmed.

06.20 UPDATE at 12:11AM EST

Saint and Tone beef – hotel room recap.

Tone wanted to do IRL and IRL is what the CHAT wanted…..

Saint did not want to leave the bed.


Saint still can’t see. Six minutes later.

06.19 UPDATE at 11:18PM EST

Tone, Saint and Danny got kicked out of the hotel room. Tone dispatched the content spray aka the content juice aka the mace on Saint as he was leaving. Here is the chat summary as Saint cleans up from not being able to see.

Titos and Jager and Firesales turn into real Saint10 hours real quick…..

Saint is taking his time in the shower and they just shut the door to knock. They started knocking and then opened the door. Saint is getting pressed Saint off the block.

06.19 UPDATE at 7:01PM EST

Xena took her braids out today.

How are people going to recognize her as the person who stomped on the roof of a car on the first day of the Scavenger Hunt now!?!

06.19 UPDATE at 1:56PM EST

Here is the YouTube ai chat summary for VP’s stream.

mr leech says he is the world’s greatest sun gayzer btw.

06.19 UPDATE at 1:11PM EST

Kick Clipz and WVagabond interview happening now!

Vagabond deviated septum confirmed. Snot rocket central. At least he said he has gone to the doctor to get it checked out.

Shout out to the troles dood.

trolls are a must have | Clipped by Quillians




Carl gets pressed after celebrating getting gifted 100 subs | Posted by MrYellow

OG Geezer’s new merch from Temu. Check out the matching shirt and blanket in the background.

06.18 UPDATE at 12:49PM EST

OG Geezer chat ai summary hype!!!

OG Geezer found something this morning. A bag was left outside of his house by a stranger, he claims.

Yeti has the security camera footage to prove it.

06.18 UPDATE at 12:41PM EST

ShakoMako wears sunglasses. Shako is fashion.

06.18 UPDATE at 2:15AM EST

REAL OG GEEZER in the chat!!!

Why watch an OG Geezer stream when he puts all the announcements right in the stream title…..




Just gotta get his ducks in a row, CHAYYAHHATTTTT!!!

06.18 UPDATE at 12:33AM EST

OneSonic stream chat summary.

Seems accurate. Five kaboom’s. OG Geezer is coming to NYC confirmed.

OneSonic is currently getting a series of CROAG LIFE donations. CROAG MEDIA is the BEST MEDIA!!!

Shout out to the stream title, “Basement Boyz | 2$ TTS 5$ MEDIA“. OUGH!!!

The ZaddyZavid streamer house with a hungry BennyMack.

Waxy and Milky enjoying some quality time together. WAXY IN THE BUCKET HAT!!! OUGH!!!


mr leech kcip croag celebration…..

06.17 UPDATE at 8:54PM EST

Stoop content outside mr leech’s apartment with the gate closed.

Carl can more safely talk to people as they pass by. | Clipped by mrserrat

Hanners just went off on Waxy!!!

Forum post hype.

Hannah goes off on Waxiest, calls him disgusting and embarrassing, says she will never watch another clip of him | Posted by CrazyBulgarian


Meanwhile, Benny makes a statement about mr laced.

benny says mr based isnt safe to be around | Clipped by OkANDSowhat

06.17 UPDATE at 4:53PM EST

Kimberlee has arrived.

Carldo hype.

Carl just asked the famous question.


06.17 UPDATE at 1:15PM EST

EBZ says he will do 500 push ups.

Chat says the last challenge he completed was the cinnamon challenge. Damn, that was a good wan.

Shout out to EBZ doing the cinnamon challenge.


Ebz does the cinnamon challenge | Posted by fucklinode

06.17 UPDATE at 12:32PM EST


EBZ has something to say about Kick Clipz. JUSTICE FOR KICK CLIPZ!!!


EBZ vs Kick_Clipz | Clipped by RYDFIELD


Alonso knocked out BennyMack. Punch timestamp here!!! Video posted by SuperStar_Numba1.

Shout out to ZaddyZavid’s streamer house dood.

MilkyGamba plays a video clip from SuperStar_Numba1!!!


Chat ai is on point. The YouTube ai chat summary feature gets it.

The Schizo Reporter. WAXY. Waxiest is currently banned on Kick.

On Saturday, Josh World of T-Shirts and BennyMack went to mr leech’s apartment. Josh wanted to smoke, and then got too high to do his walking tour of New York City, so he ended up inviting the two guests over to mr leech’s place instead.

These people paid $50 each to go on a NYC walking tour with Josh.

mr leech aka mr ghb tests the zoom on his streamer phone.

mr creep with the camera zoom.

mr creep zoom with chat.

mr creep zoom.

mr creep zoom.

The mixed emotions from chat during the creep zoom is real.

What does B A N N E D mean?

06.15 UPDATE at 5:57PM EST

DAMMITOL!!! He fixed it. The stream title is no longer hiding in my house.

06.15 UPDATE at 5:39PM EST


Kick stream title for mr leech, “hiding in my house”.

06.15 UPDATE at 5:07PM EST

mr leech aka mr ghb aka mr sun fucker is live.

Sun fker | Clipped by trueharm

Ketchup post!!!

The Ogre Twins Milk Challenge of 2024 was gross. There were four contestants. The person in the bottom right of the screenshots won it. The bottom right contestant also was the most festive, as they decided to put drops of green food coloring into the milk for the Ogres.

#1 | Clipped by HashPatties

YOO WTF | Clipped by Galandor

Tone is live and doing some type of streamer marathon with firesales and jager.

The stream title says, “Day 1 ☆ Nashville ☆ $3TTS $5 MEDIA“.

Chop with one eye open smokes a cigarette right to the filter.

Official EBZ flexing with the undershirt.

OneSonic spots the Old Tree on the NYC High Line.

Basement cleaning continues…..

06.14 UPDATE at 1:07AM EST

Live action cleaning with Yex.


06.14 UPDATE at 12:59AM EST

The chat ai feature pt. II ft. Benny Blanco.

Benny Blanco is the real Benny.

06.14 UPDATE at 12:49AM EST

BennyQuack aka OnlyUseMeQUACKS toe update.

BennyMack does a OUMB impersonation.

OneSonic camera angle including Clash with Bao video.

06.14 UPDATE at 12:39AM EST

BennyMack is planning house cleaning with ZaddyZavid.

Carl does parkour!!!

06.13 UPDATE at 11:59PM EST

Why is Sonic doing push ups like a frog tho?

New room new OneSonic!!!

Sonic mentioned the chat summary feature on YouTube, so I just took a look to see what it says…..

The ai chat summary is a new feature that seems to display as a pinned message for a moment above the chat. YouTube is on point with this wan.

And another!!! These chat summaries are on point.

06.13 UPDATE at 11:33PM EST

Soy sips in the new room, dood. Sonic just set up his new air mattress. A soy sip before, and a soy sip after.

OneSonic on his new bed captured by Ignore_Me.


Friday 2024/06/14 at 9:00PM EST.

1st to finish a gallon of milk gets $100.

More details are coming soon. Check out Cobbruvs on Kick!

06.13 UPDATE at 5:45PM EST

Ough break.

Bowl appateet dood.

06.13 UPDATE at 5:29PM EST


Yeti Review: “That’s like an eight… an eight point five”.

So that’ll be 8 and a half Kaboom’s.

06.13 UPDATE at 5:17PM EST

Yeti pressing a burger formation.

Very impressive.

Waxiest and BennyMack update, after the ambulance ride.

Benny smack wake up L Benny | Clipped by NoExpensiveLessons

On the side camera at the bottom right, there is OneSonic doing half the work with twice the amount of distractions trying to hold a camera and live stream while mopping a floor. Live streaming, it is his job, btw. It seems as though they have potentially just discovered the formerly unknown lair known as ZaddyZavid’s basement.

Shout out to Benny aka BennyQuack putting in work!!! Quality mop skills. Super fast Aussie-like reflexes.

06.13 UPDATE at 12:47PM EST

Waxiest live stream recap update.

Narrated by BennyMack aka Benny Quack! Clearly upset that he has become Waxiest’s caretaker in this clip by SuperStar_Numba1!!

Waxiest update by Papa Greeny Nation.

This timestamp in the video @6:42 WAXIEST NUMBA WAN!!! Four Loko Challenge!!!

06.13 UPDATE at 1:21AM EST

EBZ is still stuck on the topic. Granted, it’s just a fruit fly in the chat. SALUTE!


OfficialEBZ has a donation goal for a TRANSPARENT TREE HOUSE.

Whatever that means we got $9 out of $500 for it already. W CHAT!!!

Salute to EBZ.

Shout out to CROAG LIFE.

Sassy to ebz | Clipped by Duane014

“Sassy”. Granted.

06.12 UPDATE at 11:47PM EST

We’re tapped into The Street Network with jjstream.

OneSonic is currently banned on Kick so he is on YouTube right now.

Sonic aka Soynic is outside with it.

Zykotic aka ZlatIRL is outside wit it.

06.12 UPDATE at 9:51PM EST

Too much four loko…..

WAX Hospitalized!! | Clipped by ericronner

BennyMack explains the situation to the medics in the clip below.

kick streamer fails 4loko challenge | Clipped by Kountry

Better luck next time. Really though!?!

06.12 UPDATE at 9:31PM EST

Waxiest went four loco tonight. Waxiest is just taking a nap.

BennyMack just announced the location. Benny wants the chat to call for assistance.

Wax was doing fine earlier, check out this post here!

WAXIEST The Schizo Reporter Identifies JUANTHEPIGEON as IP2vLog.

IP2vLog hype reel also posted to YouTube!!!

06.12 UPDATE at 5:29PM EST

New sound byte from Saint10 on the Soundboard page!!!

Saint10 is doing too many things during the live stream. It is a satchel not a man purse, btw. Shout out to Saint’s Toad Satchel featuring ONLYUSEmeBLADE!!!
2024.06.12 Live Stream


06.12 UPDATE at 1:56PM EST

Currently streaming, OneSonic got a $50 donation to start drinking again.


All new video just posted to YouTube!!! BennyMack and BlackAssDave hype reel!!! Check out the post here – BennyMack and BlackAssDave Go Rat Hunting!!!

06.11 UPDATE at 10:47PM EST

Waxiest suit jacket fact check, confirmed by CHAT.

Chat always wins.

06.11 UPDATE at 10:21PM EST

ZaddyZavid was not granted access to take a pee at mr leech’s apartment the other night.

Chat responds.


06.11 UPDATE at 8:09PM EST

Waxiest current stream title – 🚨BRONX NYC IRL🚨CORRUPTION🚨SCHIZO REPORTER🚨.

“I’m leading the fight on corruption” – Waxiest.

So many gifted subs from lll777 that he took a shotgun of four loko and puked a lil bit.

Zen orgasm 😆 | Clipped by WingzJ

06.11 UPDATE at 4:43PM EST


Waxiest keeps it TEN TOADS TOWN!!! vs BennyMack, and says what is up to JUANTHEPIGEON
Live stream 2024.06.11 // Check out the Soundboard page for more sound bytes!!!

Waxy dressed up in the $2 find he scored at the thrift store.

We outside wit it at the WALTON AVE DELI, CHAT!!!

06.11 UPDATE at 4:05PM EST

New product alert!!!!!

Inspired by the forum at!!!

Check out VP’s Vegan Tote Bag.


Woke up to this…..

Your favorite streamer’s favorite streamer | Posted by draingang

06.11 UPDATE at 12:52AM EST


06.11 UPDATE at 12:27AM EST

That’s nasty. FRIO TV might have surpassed Blade with the TOE UPDATE.


Click here for the Frio TV Toe Update Screenshot, it is too much to post directly to this thread.

06.10 UPDATE at 10:13PM EST

Waxiest can only WAX so many people out. Granted, it’s all in a day’s work.

Well, that’s that then.

JJ making an in-depth explanation. Shout out to JJ’s fit. The snuggie hat is the best hat. Granted.


New EbZ ft BigT – Tidal Wave



06.10 UPDATE at 7:27PM EST

Who is that driving?!?

It’s FRIO TV!!!

06.10 UPDATE at 7:05PM EST

Sober Sonic Day Wan

Screenshot provided via ai.robot message from Ignore_Me.

06.10 UPDATE at 4:11PM EST

Papa Greeny Nation just released a video from last night, “One Sonic Rages on Waxiest and His Landlord, Gets a Temporary Kick Ban After Doxxing Himself 🥴”.

06.10 UPDATE at 4:01PM EST

LilSkam streamer setup hype.

Shout out to LilSkamLive on Kick!

JUANTHEPIGEON calls this the space efficiency setup wan thousand. Legit!!!

06.10 UPDATE at 3:15PM EST

The evening recap consisted of Sonic doxxing a caller, which resulted in Sonic’s phone number getting leaked somehow. Sonic’s phone was ringing off the hook and even mr leech’s phone number was doxxed in chat. The troles were having a doxxing party. Sonic’s Kick channel was banned due to the doxxing.

Benny’s thoughts on Waxiest after meeting him.

Wax baited sjc | Clipped by Duane014

Bonus clip of Sonic pinball going down the hallway.

sonic pinball | Clipped by Half_Asleep_Gaming

06.10 UPDATE at 1:27PM EST

Waxy with the saucy pose for Sonic.

Sonic’s face on the main camera compared to the side camera is a nice juxtaposition. OneSonic pouty face.

A Sonic sip for the close up, ough.

06.10 UPDATE at 1:09PM EST

More fireball!!! Chat, say when.

That should be enough……

Another half cup or more pour by mr leech and this is his reaction.

06.10 UPDATE at 12:59PM EST


Sonic is stuck on loop with the arguments. Sonic found out he is paying $700 a month to stay at Zavid’s place but Waxiest is staying there for free. The first picture looks like Sonic wants a kiss.

06.10 UPDATE at 12:47PM EST

mr leech feeding the fireball continues, he asked chat when to stop pouring….. look who is pandering to chat and not even streaming. Feeding Sonic booze and having a blast while doing it.


06.10 UPDATE at 12:21PM EST

Soynic vs Wax….. Wax vs Soynic…..

mr leech adding some shots of fireball to the equation.

The Schizo Reporter vs The HedgeHog….. Good Mood Dave does not approve. EVERY WAN BE NICE!!! Or fight a lil bit and get it over with already.

Mind you, Sonic is aware of the content agenda mr leech aka lil plant is going for. Granted. He is still drinking.

06.09 UPDATE at 11:19PM EST

Carldo and mr leech are waiting for Xena to arrive. JJ was with them earlier along with BennyMack, but they are too tapped into the Street Network to spend any time inside.

Chat username hype. The chat makes the content. My first time seeing this WAN!

Abstract motion blur image of mr leech’s apartment to emphasize the fact that the CHAT makes the content.


06.09 UPDATE at 9:21PM EST

Soy sips bottle refueling station. White claw in the Arizona bottle.

06.09 UPDATE at 7:21PM EST


Additional footage from the evening was sourced from the forum, including an ultra rare version from the fight streamed by BlackAssDave. Shout out to Dave on Kick!!!

SJC vs. Waxiest Fight (BlackAssDave Scuffed Angle) — 1080p Lossless Edition™ | Posted by CurdMasterWhey

If you haven’t seen Dave yet, check out this clip of Dave posted by SuperStar_Numba1 on YouTube! Dave shows us how to cross the street in New York City. Don’t back down Dave! TEN TOADS TOWN!!!!!

Dave attempting to hop in the vehicle is just awesome.

See additional clips of Waxiest getting hit with a cell phone battery bank that caused his black eye here.

Shout out to everyone on the forum at IP2.ONLINE always providing the content!!!

One Sonic Defends SJC Up in Waxiest’s Face So Hard He Almost Starts Crying — Waxiest is Disgusted and Shows Off the Damage SJC Did with the Weapon from Behind — Waxiest Says One Sonic is Next | Posted by CurdMasterWhey

Sonic Confronts Waxiest for Getting His Channel Banned by Getting Attacked by Sonic’s Hero SJC — Sonic Wants to Fight Waxiest but Does Not Due to Being a Beta (16m) — Lossless Edition™ | Posted by CurdMasterWhey

Waxiest beats up SJC | CrazyBulgarian

Waxiest destroys SJC FULL video | Posted by Sizzorfite

Additionally, mr leech has also posted a video on his YouTube channel that was not live streamed because he was banned on Kick when this was happening. This clip is titled as the rockstar edition, btw. Stares at the sun indirectly. Uses his dog as a prop. E-begs for donations and subscriptions. Definitely a rockstar!!!

What the heck is this person still doing on the network?

BennyMack went sightseeing today. Benny cruised by the Statue of Liberty and the view from the ferry was pretty amazing. I must say, for a pigeon, it was pretty neat!!!

06.09 UPDATE at 12:11AM EST

Shout out to BennyMack’s scuffed haircut!

06.08 UPDATE at 8:49PM EST

Ketchup post time!!!

WAXIEST IMMA GET CHU FACE….. Right before he confronts sjcps on the allegations.

Which prompts this look as a response…..

Four streamers got banned last night, as kick begins to crack down on their policies. Check out the full video with 40+ minutes of content here!

WAXIEST x SJC_OFFICIAL Fight in the Streets of New York 2024/06/08 Live Stream

Ketchup post continues!!!

BennyMack and OneSonic visited the NYC glizzy…..

They were on the Earth Cam!!! See if you can spot them in these photos!

OneSonic and BennyMack at the giant hot dog in Times Square, NYC….. Where’s Waldo style!

06.07 UPDATE at 11:13PM EST

mr leech aka mr ghb aka mr sun fucker just got banned on Kick.

Right now, the account is referring to a 404 page, and it stopped during the live stream. Possible offenses include threatening his viewers and harassment to random strangers on the streets of New York. It had nothing to do with letting Carl make sexual jokes to strangers over the phone while it is on speaker, btw…..

mr leech had some recent community posts on YouTube, and also on his Kick channel while offline.

In reference to this email from Kick denying his request for KCIP, which is the Kick Creator Incentive Program.

In a follow up email, mr leech responds with some type of claim that his health is deteriorating from streaming or something and he is at risk if he does not get the KCIP.

Shout out to Ignore_Me for gathering these posts before they were deleted. The posts have since been deleted from his YouToob account.

GaryTheProducer aka Gary the Reducer reacts to Nick White.

Shout out to Scuffed Clips Anonymous on YouTube.

06.07 UPDATE at 12:31PM EST

A little bit of light trolling never hurt nobody…..

This person who suggested that she gets to know OG GEEZER aka the IRL live streaming celebrity and king of Las Vegas, they were really trying to help him get laid here. In hindsight, it was a sincere effort.

Jewish woman reacts to OG Geezer | Posted by BigGulp

06.06 UPDATE at 7:35PM EST


Shout out to the forum user who posted this. Thank you, says JUAN…..

The OG Geezer runs into a couple pigeons in a Wal-Mart parking lot – “Hello you little rotters, you want some bread?” | by draingang

06.06 UPDATE at 7:15PM EST

OneSonic asks is the doomsday clock real dood, mind if I interview you???

Sonic with the gimbal tunnel vision cam hype.

06.06 UPDATE at 5:59PM EST


06.06 UPDATE AT 5:03PM EST

Yeti stream in a nutshell….. gotta have it on the slow chayyahhttt!!!!

Yeti aka OG Geezer aka Sir Majestic Lion – Donate!!!

06.04 UPDATE AT 11:56PM EST


06.04 UPDATE AT 11:34PM EST

Scavenger Hunt after party recap pic. Shout out to BLADES_DENTIST.

06.04 UPDATE AT 10:54PM EST

Waxiest the reporter hype…

06.04 UPDATE AT 10:36PM EST

“Be careful with your content”, says Nanapips.

Nanapips offers advice to OneSonic so he can get Kick verified.


More clips below, for the ough.

sonic teaches joel to ough | Clipped by 1nixxx

ice poseidon ougggghhh | Clipped by nicholasgheresquire

06.04 UPDATE AT 9:17PM EST

Carldo goes to the pool.

Let me tell you something!!!

06.04 UPDATE AT 6:41PM EST

Tazo confirms payment in ETH for the ice poseidon Scavenger Hunt of 2024 winnings. Tazo got maced and still got the 20k! JUSTICE FOR TAZO!!!

Tazo shows $20K payment from Ice Poseidon | Clipped by COMEATMEBRAH

06.04 UPDATE AT 6:29PM EST

EBZ, Carl, Nick White, and Tazo tried to go golfing and played so poorly they got pressed off the course.

carl misses shot / pressed for being slow | Clipped by LilRip01

pressedi got 3 more | Clipped by Quillians

Tiger Croag | by TokyoTrump

06.04 UPDATE AT 5:07PM EST

EBZ sets his target on the NWA aka the NICK WHITE ARMY and defends croag life.


RECAP POST…. KETCHUP POST!!! Screenshots from May.

For the full post on last month, check out The Current State of IP2 for March / April / May here!!!

Scavenger Hunt random moments….. featuring JJ eating steak tartare, VP possibly hits the pookie, and sjcp confirms it is the first shower he has taken in at least six months. See video here confirming the lack of showers.

Oh yeah, and Frio TV was spotted on the streets of Austin Texas last night…..


Shout out to FRIO TV on kick and FRIO TV on YouTube!!!

Frio TV provided the most content on the streets of Austin and he was only on the stream for a few seconds.


Egg gang hype.

06.03 UPDATE AT 9:23PM EST

OneSonic on Kick, OUGH!!!

To see more… check out the Current State of IP2 for March / April / May 2024