Who is MR BASED – New IP2 Live Streamer AKA BIG SUN ENERGY AKA Jason Itzler

2024/05/16 UPDATE:

Note!!! The article below is very outdated, and it was written before I knew anything about his past. I now refer to this person as mr leech.

Check out this article for an update on the self-proclaimed king of all pimps here mr leech aka mr ghb Uses His Dog as a Prop Confirmed (formerly known as lil plant dood).

This is how mr leech got his name when the streamer leech list was first discovered. Video clipped by CurdMasterWhey. Source video here.

Jason Itzler is an absolute legend.

MR BASED had his first live stream on June 26th, 2023 with OneSonic

Welcome to IP2, MR BASED!!!

Back to MR BASED, AKA Jason Itzler being an absolute legend.

Just take a look at the first results on google for his name…..

Sonic has a video where he “randomly met” him, according to the youtube video title.

The video was posted June 8th, 2023 with the link to Jason’s wikipedia page in the description.


YouTube source video if the vod gets deleted. IP2vLog hype ayo.

Staring at the sun is awesome hype.

@newyorknico Staring at the sun. #fyp#viral#nyc♬ Staring at the Sun – TV on the Radio

Shout out to MR BASED, AKA Big Sun Energy and his first live stream with Sonic.



This YouTube short is quite a decent life recap. Shout out to MR BASED. Literally an eye for an eye and now ya stare at the sun all day and live in Manhattan, what a story. You been ready for IP2, Jason. I pee too dood. Ayo.

MR BASED | 10$ Firesales | first IRL baby!!!!!🗽😄❤️💕🐶🙌

Streamed live on June 26th, 2023.


….. and Sonic, well….. Sonic already deleted his vod dood.

Within a few days of their first live stream together, here is a comment response from MR BASED.