New Sound Bytes – 2024 Live Streams

ChickenAndy aka Discord Dave talks about how he is Discord Dave…..
2024.06.25 Live Stream

OG Geezer confirms use of manpon in NYC for live streaming IRL hygiene etiquette.
2024.06.24 Live Stream

Saint10 is doing too many things during the live stream. It is a satchel not a man purse, btw. Shout out to Saint’s Toad Satchel featuring ONLYUSEmeBLADE!!!
2024.06.12 Live Stream

mr leech aka mr ghb aka mr sun fucker asks for subscriptions.
2024.05.16 Live Stream

A bystander says that the old man needs some milk after he gets sucker punched for trying to meet with a child on Vitaly’s predator catcher stream.
2024.05.05 Live Stream

EBZ says his meat is the most important, which is all part of croag life.
2024.04.22 Live Stream

Heelmike says he is gonna sniff something later…..
2024.03.19 Live Stream

The Yeti aka Sir Majestic Lion aka OG Geezer rages after being refused service at Gamestop when attempting to return the used xbox he just bought. Buying an xbox one s in 2024, mind you….. LEGALLY!!!!!
2024.03.07 Live Stream

Sir Majestic Lion aka OG Geezer stubs his toe on the freezer door, GAAAAAHHT DAMMITOL!!!!!
2024.02.22 Live Stream

Today I learned KingCobraJFS changed the world by eating some celery.
2024.02.22 Clipped from YouTube Video KingCobraJFS struggles doing celery challenge by @Bic Clips

The scam pepper allegations are real, btw.
2024.02.18 Live Stream

JJ has surpassed the need for car maintenance. Driving around with no engine oil confirmed.
2024.02.17 Live Stream

Mando has to go numba 2, btw. Definitely NOT numba wan!!!
2024.02.16 Live Stream

Magick is a squirter confirmed by Saint.
2024.02.12 Live Stream

OneSonic asks how many viewers are watching, WAN says there are 99 viewers in the chat. We got 99OUGHS IN THE CHAT!!!
2024.02.11 Live Stream

A wild yeti on a bicycle AUGHHH montage. In hindsight!!!
2024.02.11 Live Stream

ice is hosting the fear factor show and reveals something…..
2024.02.10 Live Stream

Suspendas explains how he deals with the troles. Sus has the chat on sub only mode confirmed.
2024.02.09 Live Stream

OG Geezer aka Sir Majestic Lion sings “it’s just a flicker of time”….. 2x sound byte hype!!!
2024.02.07 Live Stream

Sneaker Chop aka BuzzBong wants the CHAT to prepay for IRL. Donate for content. Tip the tab, dood.
2024.02.03 Live Stream

King Cobra JFS gives advice for the troles.
2024.02.03 YouTube upload titled “night video“.

OUMB2 aka ONLYUSEmeBLADE aka Blade says he is too lazy for scripting content.
2024.02.03 Live Stream

Ac7ionman asks if there are any clippers in the chat….. THAT’S A WANNNNN!!! Call / Text Dave at (774) 388-7402.
2024.02.03 Live Stream

mr leech aka lil plant dood e-begging for donation money to feed Carl. Carl doesn’t care.
2024.02.02 Live Stream

RentFree is mad at AlchyBoon for declining an interview, or a collab, or something like that.
2024.02.01 Live Stream

Gary David asks the chat to stop with the Patrick emotes.
2024.02.01 Live Stream

EBZ getting the chat hyped up for CROAG LIFE!!!!! We deliver. Sounds zesty…..
2024.01.31 Live Stream

Saint10 seething at OUMB2 aka ONLYUSEmeBLADE….. whoopsie doodles, this wan is not Good Mood Dave Approved. Granted, it is Saint10 being Saint Ten.
2024.01.31 Live Stream

SJCP says he is on the spectrum after being asked if he is drunk
2024.01.29 Live Stream

OG Geezer informs us why he is about to end the stream / OG needs to take a numba 2
2024.01.28 Live Stream

DONATE!!!!! – OG Geezer
2024.01.27 Live Stream | After he was falsely arrested, click this OG Geezer donate sound byte link for the full version.

THE VOICE OF TECH: Sound bytes


















(this is voice of Tech AYo)

(this is not Tech btw)

TTS VOICE & More: Sound bytes




7 aka Seven in NYC “Hell No” as seen on stream with lil plant

lil plant aka lil plant dood confirming 14 is for “blank”

mukbang by lil plant

lil plant being rude to chat – fuck off scumbag…..

lil plant – This guy named Tech

lil plant says eff u Tech

lil plant asking for a superchat (!superchat in the chat!!!)

lil plant – eff the troles man

lil plant says – I practice kegels

lil plant says IP2vLog has like 4 subscribers, mind you

lil plant intoduces Chat to his friend

lil plant tells a story…..

lil plant tells a story….. (part 2)

Billy John owns Hollywood and runs the streets confirmed

Saint seething

Chicken Andy asks if Blade is dry and Blade confirms he is dry dood

Blade says bye persons

OUMB2 says figure it out – Live stream on Rumble 2024.01.23

99 Oughs: Sound bytes

OneSonic Ough (!ough1)

OneSonic Ough (!ough2)

OneSonic Ough (!ough3)

OneSonic Ough (!ough4)

OneSonic Ough (!ough5)

OneSonic Ough (!ough6)

OneSonic Ough (!ough7)

OneSonic Ough (!ough8)

OneSonic Ough (!ough9)

OneSonic Ough (!ough10)

OneSonic Ough (!ough11)

OneSonic Ough (!ough12)

OneSonic Ough (!ough13)

Stoney Ough

Sonic says….. (part 2)

Sonic wins no matter what

Chicken Andy says bye to OneSonic – Sonic leaving RV8


Waxiest keeps it TEN TOADS TOWN!!! vs BennyMack, and says what is up to JUANTHEPIGEON
Live stream 2024.06.11

Live stream 2024.06.09

Live stream 2024.03.07

Live stream 2024.01.17

GradErsIP2CLIPS shout out IP2vLog and JUANTHEPIGEON hype!!!
Live stream 2024.01.14

ALDY1K Gives lil plant dood His Name!!! HA!
Aldy1k | Live stream 2023.07.26

Stop Speeding | Live Stream 2023.10.3

DumpStarr | Live Stream 2023.10.3

In The Mud Sports gives JUANTHEPIGEON THE NAME OF WAN!!!!!
InTheMudSports | Live Stream 2023.08.28