What is IP2?

What is IP2?

IP2 is named after a live streamer Ice Poseidon.

What does IP2 mean?

IP2 means Ice Poseidon 2. Now there is a network of IRL (In Real Life) live streamers called IP2 and I do not know the exact story around IP2 because I wasn’t there for it. I started watching IP2 streamers in early 2023.

What are they always talking about in the chat?

There is a long list of commonly used terms and vocabulary in IP2.

There are some words and innuendos that consist of toxic vocabulary which are not allowed here. Certain things like doxxing and things that are morally wrong are the only real areas that IP2 is supposed to be safe from but I have already seen that things are not always kept that way. The IP2 community is a collection of streamers and viewers that make the content, create the hype, and enjoy a good laugh. It is the mission of Dave and I to spread love, kindness, and good vibes to y’all. Love you all, CHAT. Love you streamers. Be safe, be kind, and love each other!!!!!

Some of it doesn’t make any sense, but if it is repeated enough times, sometimes it catches on.

Here is a list of terms I see in the chat.

IP2 A-Z Glossary of Terms

Live Stream References of IP2

2024.06.25 | Cheap Charlie aka Billy Blue explains the network

Billy Blue mentions that he got listed on the IP2 NETWORK but he doesn’t really know much about it. Now that he learned about some of the streamers and what’s going on with the community he has some thoughts to share. In this clip, he is referring to the current situation at ZaddyZavid’s house with all the streamers staying there.

“This IP2 stuff goes deep”.
“What people say about IP2 it’s not all bad, you can meet a lot of really nice people”.
Billy Blue

Big up to OG Geezer and OneSonic for holding it down in NYC. They have been streaming since the beginning of it!!!

2024.06.09 | Carl explains that IP2 is a directory of streamers

Carldo makes a statement that IP2 is made of viewers from various communities, and they are tuning in to his live streams and constantly changing at all times. How new people find him could be from any given audience across the internet. Once they find him he hopes they will stay and become Carltons.

More details from the pigeon…..

IP2 dot online is the directory list and forum.

IP2 dot network is a more extensive list of streamers, and there is no forum attached to this website.

2024.01.03 | Joel asks Zykotic

What do you think about IP2, are they a trolling community?

IP2 Featured Music & Media

Music & Media – IP2 Lore