Who is the Pigeon tho

The Story of IP2 vLog aka Tech aka JUANTHEPIGEON

Good Mood Dave [YouTube]

Good Mood Dave started it all. IP2vLog would not be here if it was not for Dave. Shout out to Dave!!!

I began watching IP2 live streams with Dave. My Name is Tech aka JUANTHEPIGEON.

I do all the tech work for filming, video editing, and the website and making sure Dave and I are vibing….. Dave and I created our first video in March 2023 when we first discovered IP2. I saw a video of Wings Redemption while I was on a YouTube fails / wallstreetbets / biggest winners and losers of internet history and somehow I found a video of Wings and then quickly went on a tangent as soon as I found ONLYUSEmeBLADE. It was the algorithm that brought me here. I found the two main websites, dot network and dot online, and then started watching the live streams.

This is the first video that opened the flood gates to IP2, and my YouTube history leading up to how I came across it.

Below is a screenshot from my YouTube watch history for 2023/03/08. You can see the video thumbnails for the wallstreetbets videos and then it quickly transforms to ONLYUSEmeBLADE and KingCobraJFS content.

Soon after, Dave and I made our first video and posted it on YouTube.

Here is the first message we made for IP2vLog. We want to put out a good mood. Good vibes only hype!!!

Dave and I published our first PSA video 2023/03/18.