The Current State of IP2

Here we have the current state of IP2.

This is IRL with no limits and no boundaries. We make no judgments. It is our goal to accurately convey all aspects of live streaming on the IP2vLog channel and reflect it here. Our main goal is to archive content and present it an in interesting way, we were originally calling this section of the site “nontent notes” or “notes of WAN”.

Notes of WAN. Notes of One. Notes of 1. WE ARE ALL WAN!!!


The Current State of IP2 – Previous Articles

The Current State of IP2 – July 2024

The Current State of IP2 – June 2024

The Current State of IP2 – March / April / May 2024

The Current State of IP2 – February 2024

The Current State of IP2 – January 2024

The Current State of IP2 – December 2023

Why would WAN do this?

As time passes by, I notice it becomes more and more interesting to look back and reflect upon these images. Rather than having to watch a clip or fully revisit that point in time if someone clipped it, we are taking the approach here to document moments of time when it is not necessarily clippable contont but more like a photograph. It is interesting to capture these moments and save it for later. It feels out of context and jarring to see these images one after another, and it brings back so many memories. Enjoy the ment!!!

What was done before…..

Previously, we documented Chicken Andy’s RV8 with a timeline and stream notes. This was important at the time because Chicken would always delete his live streams due to risk of his channel getting reported. The stream vods would often get taken down for copyright strikes or hate speech or some other breach of youtube terms of service and removed.

This was a unique point in time because from day-to-day we had a cohesive narrative to follow, and there were multiple live streamers involved, so it made sense at the time to take daily notes in order to tell the story.

Chicken Andy RV8

RV8 Stream Radar

RV8 vLog Live Feed | Week of 6/24 to 6/30/2023

RV8 vLog Live Feed | Week of 6/17 to 6/23/2023

RV8 vLog Live Feed | Week of 6/10 to 6/16/2023

After the end of RV8, we began a new chapter with notes of WAN. Shout out to Ignore_Me for helping with these archives!!!

Notes of WAN

October 10.15 thru 10.21.2023 Weekly Notes of WAN

October 10.8 thru 10.14.2023 Weekly Notes of WAN

10.5.2023 thru 10.7.2023 NOTES OF WAN

10.4.2023 NOTES OF WAN

10.3.2023 NOTES OF WAN

10.2.2023 NOTES OF WAN