Who is JUAN THE PIGEON aka Tech vLog

JUANTHEPIGEON is my alt account that became my main account.

Check out the my inspiration story for more details on how I got interested in IP2, and later on began the website and Kick channel.

I created the JUAN.THE.PIGEON account because streamers always say type 1 in the chat, so that’s me. I didn’t want to be IP2vLog in the chat because streamers seem to respond a different way when they know you are a clipper channel. I would hesitate to chat because it felt like I was promoting myself, and the pigeon seemed to get more laughs than anything else. The account became my expression for a more playful character and light-hearted self.

I started by posting videos to YouTube some of them were taken down or limited with age restrictions and music copyright warnings. So as a result, I shifted focus towards posting videos directly to the website instead. My goal is to objectively archive live streams by saving clips from the Kick stream, and documenting The Current State of IP2. We have documented the Chicken Andy & friends RV8 trip and various stream notes with Notes of WAN, so there is a lot of content within these pages!!!

In the future, we strive to expand the site, promote new streamers, and maintain accuracy with unbiased and objective reporting. We are all WAN!

The website is our platform. This is live streaming. IP2 ALWAYS WINS.

During the summer of 2023 I was uploading my own adventure videos on my ebike and longboard on the Kick it and Chill channel. Dave’s Hot Chicken opened, I found a unicorn pony, I fell off my ebike, I rode my longboard in the rain, and much more. All while having a pigeon attached to the back of my ebike, check out my ebike tour video clip here!!!

Now, it’s 2024 at the time of writing this article and we are ready for season II, brought to you by JUANTHEPIGEON! Brrr

Shout out to Good Mood Dave!!!