Tech Support

I am Tech vLog aka JUANTHEPIGEON. You can contact me here.

The IP2vLog Kick channel is owned and operated by ai.robots and a pigeon named JUAN. All channel ideas and requests can be sent here or via email at

On our live stream, we have a screen called Dave TV and in the commercials it says Call / Text Dave at (774) 388-7402. You can reach out to us any time. Good Mood Dave is not always available so sometimes I’ll answer the phone and respond to texts. This is the main line for Good Mood Dave and for Tech Support.

Please contact us if you are a live streamer, video editor, musician, artist, or someone from the chat who wants to get involved. If you are a coder, designer, or creator of any sort, we want to hear from you. We are all about sharing and having a creative outlet. WE R ALL WAN HYPE!!!

Send us a message here!