WAn Randomly Creates JONxPAT and then Investigates

WAn Randomly Creates JONxPAT and then Investigates

It is confirmed that robots operate the IP2vLog channel commands.

There are good things then there are Jon Pat things, that just occur, seemingly out of nowhere.

The channel switcher needs the YouTube channel ID which is a string of characters and numbers to change the channel. When the robots were switching to the stream of lil plant today, they noticed the YouTube ID looks like a person’s name… Person!


jonxpat_690 was then created. JUAN created Jon Pat. WHAT THE…..

Same day, same Jon Pat!

Jon Pat. AYo.

Just talkin to ur self wit 2 viewers… AYo.

I’ll get rite to it, Jon Pat says.

AYo Jon Pat, we b chillin. Jon Pat is back….

The troles b trolli… Jon x Pat variety HYPE!!!

If Good Mood Dave met some wan today, that would be Angry Jon Pat. OB Continues.

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